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Why Hire a Voice Coach or Singing Instructor?

I’ve been in the vocal technique business for a loooong time, and I get this question a lot.

Don’t get me wrong: it’s a valid one! Technology has exploded over the last 15 years, and you can now watch voice lessons online without spending a dime.

So what is it about a live vocal coach, versus some very talented & knowledgeable online sources, that make us worth the investment?

I’m so glad you asked!

1) Our Ears

Most experienced singing teachers have honed their listening skills over decades of teaching and hundreds of voices. They say you have to do something 3,000 times to master it, and this certainly applies to developing your ear for music.

No matter what your understanding - inherent, or learned - of how tone, pitch and the voice work, the ear of an experienced teacher will be able to hear more, and provide masterful feedback as a result.

2) Our Diagnoses

You know how doctors hate it when their patients visit WebMD and self-diagnose? It seems obvious: why would you go to the less-than-reliable internet to figure out what’s ailing you, instead of heading to a trained, experienced professional who knows your unique history?

It’s the same when it comes to diagnosing where a voice is coming up short. Experienced voice teachers have both the scientific understanding of voice and a hyper-trained ear (see above).

When we listen to you sing, we hear all of it - and can provide on-point diagnoses as a result.

3) Our Exercises

Every body is unique, as is every voice. Even if you hit on the right diagnosis and understand what needs fixing, selecting the right exercise to re-train the voice is an art in and of itself.

When you work with a vocal coach or singing instructor, we quickly gain an understanding of the ins and outs of your unique voice. This allows us to prescribe exercises that hit their target - and make sure you’re doing them the right way, regularly.

4) Our Translation Skills

After over 40 years working with the same topic, I can conclusively say that the voice is complicated as all get-out.

Never mind that whole every-voice-is-different thing; the concrete science behind the voice is upper-level biology. As teachers and coaches, however, we’re well versed translating all of that science into language, exercises, and feelings you can understand. We also don’t move on until you’ve got it, inside and out.

5) Our Hearts

Singing is a vulnerable act, but it’s also wildly empowering. Under the supervision of the right instructor, you’ll be given the space and encouragement to let your voice ring out.

I always say that singing is your soul laughing, and with the right instructor you’ll feel it down to your core.

Now, I swear this whole post wasn’t meant to be an ad for vocal training. There are TONS of great resources out there: I even share short videos and lessons online.

I do this work because I believe, deeply, that learning vocal techniques from a teacher, one-on-one, is the best way to have confidence in your voice.

And having confidence in your voice can change your whole life.

(Pssst - the source of a lot of this brilliance is the incomparable Max Baxter.)

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