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              Choose the BEST teacher for you! 

                   Know who your teacher is!

     Certified IVTOM (International Voice Teachers of          Mix)

  • Annual voice conferences with IVTOM and internationally renowned physicians/voice scientists.

  • Professional Rock/Pop/R&B and Jazz singer.

  • Lifetime singing/performance career in television, commercials, studio projects.

  • Published songwriter.

  • Keyboard/Music Theory teacher.

  • Bachelor's Degree in Music.

  • Bachelor's Degree in Education.

  • Music industry connections in Vancouver, Los Angeles, New York, Florida, Texas and Nashville.

  • Artist Management/Artist Development.

  • The best vocal technique in the world today- The Mix

Cecile's story:  

I was born with a growth on my vocal cords and a compulsion to sing.  As a child, singing was my primary means of communication and actually defined me as an individual.

I started singing professionally when I was 14 years old and by the time I was 20 years old, the growth had become a nodule .  By then I was singing 6 nights a week in local bars.  

At 22 years old I underwent vocal surgery.  Singing was my life and yet my instrument was damaged and I had developed some intensely negative vocal habits to compensate for my limited access to my head voice. I could not find anyone to teach me what I needed to know.

I studied at universities in Vancouver, Texas and finally Florida.  By the time I earned my BA in voice , I still had not found my way into the 'Mix', mostly because I didn’t know it existed.

When I discovered "The Mix" through Seth Riggs and his Speech Level Singing organization in Los Angeles, I literally fell to my knees with relief, knowing my life as a singer would go on and even get better.  I have been studying and practicing The Mix for over 15 years now and my range has increased by two octaves.   I am happy when I sing.  It feels like flying sometimes.  


My favorite saying:  'if you can talk, you can sing.'..


My definition of singing: 'sustained laughter'.


I thank you for joining me here on my website and encourage you to use due diligence when choosing your voice teacher.


Happy Singing,

Cecile Larochelle

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